Different types of clothes have different positions to put custom patches on clothes. You can  optionally choose the placement. When taking the beauty and appropriateness of the position into consideration, we offer several options for your reference.

For T-shirts

The Position of Patches in T-shirts
The Positions  in T-shirts

For Polo Shirts

The Positions in Polo Shirts
The Positions in Polo Shirts

For Long Sleeved

The Position of Patches in Long Sleeved
The Positions in Long Sleeved

For Hoodies

The Position of Patches in Hoodies
The Positions in Hoodies

For Jackets

The Positions in Jacket
The Positions in Jacket

For Vests

The Position of Patches in Jacket
The Positions in Jacket

Four Ways To Attach Your Patches To Clothes

We have several types of customized patches, such as Embroidered Patches, Woven Patches, Printed Patches, Velcro Patches, Iron-on Patches, and Adhesive Patches. There are different ways to attach custom patches to clothes. It depends on the backing of patches that you choose. Backings are divided into plastic backing, iron-on backing, Velcro backing, adhesive backing, and no backing.


Hand Sewn

If you plan to sew the patch on your clothes by hand, you need to prepare a needle and thread. It is easy to sew with a straight stitch pattern. But if it is the first time to use a needle to sew on clothes, you should be careful to prevent the needle from jabbing your fingers.

Sew Patches on Clothes
Sew Patches on Clothes by Hand

Machine Sewn

If you have a sewing machine, you just need to line up the edge of your patch with the needle and sew around the edge. The way would be quicker and easier than sew custom patches on clothes by hand.

Sew Patches on Clothing with A Machine
Sew Patches on Clothing with  Sewing Machine


It is fast and easy to iron patches. You shall put the iron over the patch and press the iron firmly on the patches for about 15 to 30 seconds.

Iron Patches on Clothing
Iron Patches on Clothing



Compared with the other three ways, to adhesive is the fastest way. But it is not as durable as other backings. You just tear off a layer of 3m paper on the surface and paste it on the desired position.

Adhere Patches on Clothing
Adhere Patches on Clothing

For more details to attach patches to clothes, you can check the following.

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